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Jesus Reveals His Holy Love

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A Symbolic and Literal Guide- to End Times. NOTE- PROPHETIC TIMES, in the TimeLine ARE NOT ACTUAL DATES OR TIMES- PROPHECY CAN RELATE TO PROPHETIC TIMES [where things are seen to come to pass, from the Eternal to the Temporal, such that the circumstances are there for the prophesied thing/event to happen/occur, but yet have to move into the domain of the temporal, that does not disclude HOPE arriving on the scene -far from it].. Prophecy can relate to non-event and event times as dates. For example, in the bible code, "OBAMA, death, May 2011" has been seen on a search regarding Obama and financial collapse in America;- This does not mean Obama died, or finance should fall or fail in the US. It just means those words connect over that date, that's it. They are Rhema words, not literal. It could be that Obama made an Unwise choice,of speech/declaration- such as should result in death as oppose life [Deuteronomy 30:15- "..I put before you Life good, death and evil.." And Deut 30:14 "..the Word is very near you; it is in your mouth and in your heart so that you can do it.."]. The Result of the Justice done on those Word, if un-repented for, and I pray it were repented for, could be something damaging to America [LORD, I pray your Infinite Mercy over they] as a result of his word, so that an ACTUAL DATE i.e. of consequence, a follow on event is later, if its is to occur.
Many have prayed against the evils in the TimeLine I give, so that events after 2012 may not occur as originally seen even if some transpose to our literal world, from the non-literal prophecy. There are many possible "Time Lines" - I know no but God knows which one is true.
On trying to understand the many worlds and timelines different prophets see, and in part their importance, I have written "Understanding the Seer" as part of a series, also available on smashwords.
Also, please note, the URL links to geocities are now to the Marek A Benjamtie URL on; e.g.
Regarding the Question why is there Evil?
The answer was given on a geocities webpage I hosted, but now that site is moth balled, and the answer is now on the Our Church site;
A - to be ratified at 29-12-2016. Once ratified the writing in question should be found at the bottom of the letter on Paganism.

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