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Judging Jayden

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During their final weeks of high-school, Janelle Moore and her friends played an exceptionally nasty joke on her brother Jayden and Lydia Hargraves. After spiking Lydia’s drink, the teenagers leave her naked in Jayden’s bed for him to find. All Lydia has are disjointed memories of finding herself in the arms of a handsome man who might have done a whole manner of sordid things to her.

Seven years later Lydia still doesn’t know exactly what happened that night, so when Jayden shows up at her office asking her to find him a secretary for his company, she decides to exact her revenge.

But Jayden has different memories of that night, the night he found the woman of his dreams in his bed.

Revenge doesn't taste so sweet when Lydia discovers she's completely misjudged Jayden.

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