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Recipes from Camp Trillium

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It’s No Mystery Why Louise Gaylord Wrote This BookWhen it comes to writing, Louise Gaylord is best known for her mysteries. But over the years she has compiled hundreds of recipes and household tips from guests who have visited Camp Trillium, her family’s summer retreat in New York’s Adirondack Mountains. Now she shares them with you.These recipes stand out because ingredients are easily purchased virtually anywhere. Preparation is quick and easy, and flavors span the spectrum from good old US fare to exotic international flair.In addition to recipes, other highlights include:• Microwave tips for everything from bacon to breads• Clever ways to make vegetables more than just something on the plate with the main course• How to determine quantities of wine & other beverages for your partyYou’ll also discover household hints for making quick work of some of life’s little surprises.• Unexpected uses for WD-40, no-stick cooking spray, fabric softener sheets and other common products you have around the house• Sure fire methods for removing hard-to-handle stains• Valuable vanilla tips (they just make scents!)Unlike a mystery novel, though, this book assures a happy ending whether to a household challenge or a delightful party or meal.2nd Edition includes new recipes and full color photos.

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