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I Cannot Protect Her, Ever Again

Length: 12 pages8 minutes


This is not a happy, feel-good message of American solidarity. This is a deeply thought out, painful journey through an author's mind and heart. We write stories that are meant to frighten people... when the Twin Towers fell, when 9/11 became a "thing" and not just another day on the calendar, all of those make-believe monsters lost their steam. Nothing compares to the type of mind-numbing helplessness terrorist attacks bring in their wake.

This short story is one author's inner battle...his wish that he could protect a godchild he now knows can't ever fully be protected...not when madness exists ...not when the bad guys are willing to kill themselves right along with us. Not when people and lives have ceased to really matter.

This eBook version of Wayne's story is free. If you purchase it, feel free to redistribute, share, spread it far and wide. Think about what he has to say.

David Niall Wilson
Crossroad Press

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