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When Darkness Falls

Length: 253 pages5 hours


The battle of the Gods of old come once again to Earth in Ken Hudnall's When Darkness Falls. The residents of a small New Mexico town are caught up in the fray as mortal meets immortal in possibly the final clash for universal domination. Will the Earth be engulfed by the schemes of Asmodeus or Romar, Prince of the Annunaki Empire save humanity or will darkness once again fall on the Earth?

History is silent regarding his race walking the face of the Earth. But Romar, Prince of the Annunaki Empire was proof that once Gods walked the face of the planet. But these were all too human Gods, driven by the same ambitions as we mere mortals.

The Great Lord of Hosts,Anu ruled wisely, but his brother Asmodeus plotted to take the throne by use of the darkest sorcery. Stories of the civil war that erupted between the two factions came down to us as legends of gods and goddesses who warred for the souls of men. Anu’s forces won, but the great Anu was sorely wounded his the treachery of his own sister.

As a last effort to help the races he loved, Anu banished his sister to the Annunaki Colony on Mars and imprisoned his brother in the far reaches of his Earthly Empire. As a sign of his love for the people of Earth, he charged his only son with the job of guarding the emerging races from the evil working of the imprisoned Asmodeus, God of Evil.

Anu and his Annunaki Legions withdrew from Earth to the Heavenly City of Avalon, a station in space orbiting the sun between Venus and Mercury. There he rests to regain his strength sorely sapped by his sister’s vicious attack. His son Romar, immortal as a gift from the Gods, destined to walk the earth until the return of his father for the last battle against Asmodeus, Prince of Evil.

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