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Length: 336 pages5 hours


We've seen what happens when British kids attack each other with magic sticks. We've seen what happens when over-moussed vampires fall in love with mopey head cases. But what happens when things hit a little closer to home? What happens when apple pie suburbia collides with the supernatural criminal underworld? What happens when Ryan Fisher is yanked out of afternoon study hall and thrown into a world of sociopathic werewolves, centuries-old soldiers, and beautiful brunettes with a flair for firearms? What happens when nightmare monsters face off on either side of a battle line drawn through morals as shadowy as the world they inhabit? What happens when Ryan is asked to pick a side? What happens when the black and white of right and wrong suddenly become decidedly gray? Spoiler alert: Ryan Fisher gets bitten by a werewolf. What happens when that becomes the least of his problems?

This is the one place you’ll find all the bullets, blood, and bedlam. This is Bump.

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