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Full Moon in December (Book Two of the Night Person Series)

Length: 229 pages3 hours


Kayla knows what the birds and trees and plants are saying. She doesn't know anything outside of her second mom, Elle, and her Aunties and Uncle Bingo. When Elle brings a night person named Sam to their basement, Kayla is more than disappointed. She wanted Kelly, the handsome football star. She knows why Elle is doing all this, but why is life so hard? And why did her moon flower die? She's never had a plant die before.

Sam's life has changed. He is a different person than he was years ago. He's made a new life and doesn't want the change that came to him. What does this woman, Elle, want from him? He wants to find some way to convince Kayla to release him from the basement Elle is keeping him in. Will Kelly, the pesty young night person Sam used to teach, come to his rescue? Sam refuses to do anything himself, and doubts that he could even if he wanted to. He's made tough choices, and another is to come.

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