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Tarzan of Rainbow

Length: 28 pages28 minutes


Funny, tender, and mysterious, "Tarzan of Rainbow" by Chandra Jayne is a fascinating dramatization of a great healer's evolution from childhood to maturity. After a lifetime of cynicism and atheism, Samuel Sampson is gifted with spiritual energy to heal others, much to his disbelief.

Chased by gangs as a skinny, terrified boy, Sampson reads Tarzan repeatedly to find his sense of self and values. He later becomes a a star athlete, a gun-toting body-builder, and a charming hunk. After a terrible accident, Sampson is given amazing spiritual and paranormal gifts.

Guided through dreams by Extraterrestrials, Sampson encounters much humor as he heals others. He also heals himself of the past. His sassy girlfriend and a love of animals keep him grounded. He eventually makes peace with his abusive father and learns to accept love. His Southern Belle girlfriend wonders if her macho guy will ever "put a ring on it!"

Made for TV "Tarzan of Rainbow" by Chandra Jayne is a dramatization of a true story.

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