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The Book of Sunlight

Length: 47 pages38 minutes


From the author of "The Art of Mark Wilson" and "Randomism"...there are a lot of arguments as to the credibility of gnostic writings because of the timing that words surfaced as writings in a book. But in some ancient civilizations, information was handed down through strict memorization and word of mouth through generations till someone finally wrote it down making it hard to pinpoint the true date of information contained in many books. To add one more conflict to the timeless investigation, "The Book of Sunlight" will make you wonder. A book written in controversial gnostic format with inspirational thoughts that liberate people to live in their purpose. Was revelation lost after Christ's time or has revelation resurfaced in today's people? A thought provoking book for your spiritual quest, including a conversation with "Spirit". The kind of book truly spiritual people will love.Check out his new second book "Randomisms" with more thoughts to empower people.

The following are the chapters in "The Book of Sunlight"

-A Place Called
-Attitudes of the Light
-Feeling Tired
-The Gospel (Good News) For A Brother
-How He Speaks
-Lilith's Redemption
-Our Connection
-Prayer Is A Two Way Street
-Dream of the White-Haired Man
-Pure Giving
-The Gospel to Laroyce
-The Light Within
-To Taste the Sun

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