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If Someone Sees Us

Length: 13 pages9 minutes


I think perhaps, the first time we ran together on the trail, I was flirting with him, at least unconsciously, by body allowing my hips to sway sensually from side-to-side, the erotic influence of my ass in front of him quickly becoming the center of his attention. In hindsight, I guess that could be why it happened why I allowed things to go as far as they did. Why, as I turned the corner of the trial just near an abandoned storage shed he grabbed me roughly by the arm and pulled me just off the joggers trail, his hands roaming over my body, racing over my clothes as he pulled them away.

“Mmm,” I moaned in a deep nervous voice, not too opposed to his sudden sexual gesture, “what... what if someone sees us?” I asked as the bare excitement of prying eyes watching us washed over me, my body coming to life like a lit match, only to get a deepened grunt for an answer as he placed soft, tender kisses down my neck, instantly sending a shiver of elation through me. “Mmm,” I gasped, quietly feeling the heat of his breath caressing my flesh, arousing the tiny hairs on the back of my neck. “If someone sees us... they see us,” he said coarsely, mocking my words, my thoughts, my worries nothing more than an erotically exciting thought.

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