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Fantasy Tales I

Length: 61 pages56 minutes


Seven Fantasy stories of dragons, knights, princesses, and maidens fair.

Warning: Some adult themes, PG-13.

This collection of six Fantasy short stories and one novella is perfect for when you want quick, fun Fantasy romp to read. It is approximately 15,000 words long.


From Sacrifice:
"Do you value your life, maiden?" Larisax said, giving her an unreadable reptilian stare.
"Yes," she said cautiously.
"Would you be willing to serve me in return for your life?"
Teri's mind raced through the possibilities. Perhaps she would be able to escape if given time. Perhaps Larisax would release her unharmed after a suitable period.
"How long?"

From Dragon’s Lair:
Taking a deep breath, Carlena reminded herself, Only a maiden pure of body and soul could free the dragon of his curse. Could she tell the dragon she was there to save him? Did he want to be saved from this life? Freed from his horrible curse?
Carlena looked fearfully into Tarjanis's malevolent eyes. Was the legend true? Was he truly a prince? It was said that all dragons were cursed kings and princes.
"I will not hurt you," she said, not knowing what else to say. She cursed herself for not being better prepared.
Tarjanis laughed. "Of you, maiden, I fear not."
"Then why have you enchanted me?"

From Sin of the Satyr:
Laughing, "You're such a romantic, Donal."
"I do not understand," Pyr said. He had never heard of human males going out and finding a satyr for their women. They usually went to great lengths to keep them apart. "If the lady wishes a romp, she merely need come to the forest."
The two men grinned evilly at each other.
"The lady is a maiden of noble birth, and of the highest order, mind you," Donal said, his eyes hardening. "She hardly would be allowed in the forest."
"Her maidenhead is much too valuable," Roman added. "Today she became betrothed to Prince Byron of Vasos. Her sons will be kings."
Pyr didn't like the way he said that.
Pulling the satyr to his hooves, Donal pressed his face in close, "She was chosen over our sister. A grave mistake we aim to correct tonight."
"With cloven-hoofed lust," Roman laughed.

From Savior:
The dragon and knight sprang at each other at the same time. The knight was remarkably agile and quick, avoiding the dragonfire as he raced in. Myriah watched in awe as her would-be savior attacked, sword and shield a blur. She had never seen such brilliant weapons handling, and she a regular at the Games. She would surely be the most envied of all princesses!
"Be wary, my prince! The beast is an ancient and crafty foe!"

From the novella A Night of Changes:
Taking her tightly by the upper arm, "Come."
"Wait," she said, pulling free. "There is an easier way."
Confused, Karl turned to look at her. The lady's head barely reached his wide shoulders, and her teetering in those impossibly high heels southerners loved so much. She smiled up at him. Smitten, he smiled back, the lady's pursuers momentarily forgotten. When she reached both hands up, he lowered his head so she could reach it easier.
With a mischievous grin, "Thank you, barbarian."
Before he knew what was happening, he was jolted painfully from head to toe. His whole world spun out of control for a bare second, then righted itself.
Karl stumbled back against the wall, shaking his head in an effort to clear it. Taking a deep breath, he looked up at the lady, only to find he was staring at—Himself!
Stunned by the enormity of what has happened, Karl could do nothing but stare at the "lady" in his body. He quickly glanced down at himself, a sense of dread rising at the sight of slender arms dripping in gold and jewels, of long delicate fingers, and small pert breasts! Karl—No, now Karla!—gawked at her rightful body, smiling back at her with ruthless glee.
"I always wondered what it would be like to be a man," t

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