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The Cure For Obesity: My Life's Journey

Length: 39 pages45 minutes


How can the Obese achieve good health and happiness? And how can they do it on a permanent basis? Dr. Weiser explores his own life looking for answers to these important questions. He discovers that physical and mental health, diet, and exercise are the four major areas that need to be addressed. He finds that these areas need to be looked at from a fresh perspective: Are the Obese genetically unique? Do their bodies function differently? Can these four areas be integrated to create a lifestyle plan? Can one person assist the Obese to integrate these areas or is a multi-disciplinary team approach needed?

From his own life, Dr. Weiser finds the answers to these questions. He believes that the Obese have some unique genetic qualities; their bodies do function differently. Yes, the four major areas of concern can be integrated. But this does require a multidisciplinary approach. The Cure for Obesity: My Life's Journey describes in detail answers to many of these questions. The reader will begin to question conventional approaches to weight loss, and from a different prospective, will begin to formulate new approaches to achieving good health and fitness on a permanent basis.

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