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Passion of the Troubadour

Length: 54 pages54 minutes


When Yselda's father leaves for the Crusade, she is sent to a nunnery accompanied by Raimon, a troubadour. Attacked by brigands, they flee to a place of safety.

There Yselda's passion is aroused by this handsome man, who shares her deep love of music. Together they explore the poetic expression of courtly love, competing with others to sing the 'pop songs' of their day.

Until news of the dreaded plague reaches them, and Yselda fears for her father ...

A Vivienne Lafay NOVELLA, set in Provencal, France, 1202

Vivienne Lafay also writes as Vanessa Davies, Rebecca Ambrose, Rosanna Challis and Nadine Wilder

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