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The Casebook of Glasgow's Victorian Detective

Length: 81 pages1 hour


The old closes and wynds of Victorian Glasgow saw their fair share of crime and villains. One man who knew these streets and the notorious characters operating in them, was Archie Carmichael. This talented detective officer, who worked his way up the ranks of the Glasgow Police, spent over forty years policing this city and catching some of the most notorious criminals within it, earning him the title of 'Glasgow's Sherlock Holmes'.

Having kept detailed notes of his cases, the book, ‘Personal Adventures of a Detective’, published in 1894, contained details of these real life cases, in the most engaging story format. Here are a selection of those true stories, with the Foreword and Historical Notes on the cases written by historical researcher and author, Lynne Wilson.

For the first time, read not only Archie Carmichael’s stories, but also find out what happened to the criminals after they were caught, with information from the court trials and newspapers of the time.

Lynne Wilson is the author of the books, ‘A Year in Victorian Edinburgh’ and ‘Crime and Punishment in Victorian Edinburgh’.

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