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A Hex Beyond Rynia, Book Two of the Sons of Rynia Trilogy

Length: 399 pages5 hours


With Tsurtor’s declaration of war and the deaths of many defenders within the Rynian Imperial Palace, the Sons of Rynia trilogy began. The leaders of Rynia knew they hadn’t the might to defend themselves against whatever Tsurtor might bring to bear and, so, scattered themselves to other kingdoms and other worlds to seek help.

Now, in A Hex Beyond Rynia (the second book in the Sons of Rynia trilogy), those gambits are coming to fruition but will they be enough to stop Tsurtor’s mighty war machine as he brings tanks and planes, dragons and giants, and the mightiest wizards alive against the small nation of Rynia?

If the Rynians stand any chance, King Marcus must defeat his power mad brother’s insect army from another world. Duke Mark Nygarra must seek ancient technology from a strange band of Machinists. Hex must save his entire town, brought from Earth by Tsurtor’s might. And someone must save Vincent, the world’s youngest magician from Tsurtor’s grip.

To do this, Hex will have to look in the strangest place possible. He’ll need to look beyond Rynia.

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