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Shades of Grey

Length: 746 pages15 hours


Having just solved the Harley Murders, and gained a hell of a reputation doing it, not to mention the shattered right arm and displaced pelvis, Meegan Jones heads to the sequestered estate of River Bend, ancestral home of Schuyler Mills, Meegan's schizophrenic best friend.
The stay is meant to be serene, tranquil, and untroubled, so Meegan can recover from her ordeal. It's too bad for Miss Jones that her visit just happens to coincide with the unexplained disappearances of three young women. Not that Meegan will have beau coups of time to look into that. Grey Mills, the billionaire father of Schuyler and his snarky twin Simon, has other plans for Meegan Jones, lots and lots of plans, weird plans, spooky plans. Speaking of spooky, Grey's not the only one with designs on Meegan's life. Other things live at River Bend, things only Meegan can see.
Will Meegan Jones track down the missing girls? Will she evade Grey's convoluted schemes? Will she decipher who she is, or even come out of this alive? Well, whatever Meegan does, she'll be doing it left handed until that damn cast comes off.

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