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The Great Escape Artist Contest

Length: 144 pages2 hours


Extreme bondage, erotic clothing, danger and excitement – it’s all in a day’s work for a female escape artist. But who is the best female escape artist in the world? Many claim to be, but Carl Hardson, the owner of Magicland, decided to find out for sure. He invited the best female artists from around the world to compete in a winner-takes-all contest. The prize? The bragging rights to being number one. Oh, and one million dollars!

That kind of money brings out the best in people – and the worst. It soon becomes apparent that someone is trying to eliminate the competition. Escapes are sabotaged, and the performers are kidnapped and tortured, all in an effort to narrow down the field. Stella Walters is one of the top contenders, but she had better watch her back. Someone is out to make sure that some of the women don’t escape...

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