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Dust Jacket

Length: 357 pages4 hours


In Dust Jacket, Connor MacLean is a rare book dealer, who specializes in military and historical manuscripts. His father Grant is a Vietnam veteran and Grandfather Ian served during WWII, while Connor himself served with distinction in Operation Desert Storm. Yet Connor is not the typical disturbed vet. He is a successful businessman, respected by his peers and considered an expert in his field.

MacLean attends an estate sale in an affluent Chicago suburb, where he intends to purchase a number of one-of-a-kind items concerning Erwin Rommel, the famed Desert Fox. This sets the stage for a hidden map, possibly revealing the location of a fabulous gold horde, hidden from the Nazis at the opening of WWII. The map exists and in several people’s minds, it’s certainly worth killing for. Travel across the United States to a former POW camp for Axis prisoners, where clues are hidden, to a whitewater chase on the Wolf River in Wisconsin.

While Connor MacLean deals with an ex-wife, alcoholic father, eccentric grandfather, jealous rival book dealers and neo-Nazis, led by a former German air ace, you will wonder what can go wrong next. All the action leads to a series of plot twists, unexpected developments and the final confrontation on the resort islands of Greece.

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