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Gospel of Matthew, New Metaphysical Version

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Are you tired of trying to make sense out of what the Bible says?
Do you find it frustrating that there are so many contradictions in the stories?
Do you have difficulty deciding what to believe literally and what is metaphor?

Finally ... for the first time ever ... a chapter by chapter, verse-by-verse interpretation —
Introducing The Gospel of Matthew: New Metaphysical Version

This New Metaphysical Version of Matthew transforms the material into a practical application to help you deal with the problems you are facing every day.

Read the book of Matthew alongside your traditional translation, and compare, verse by verse, the deeper meaning behind the words and stories of Jesus.

Here's an example:
Are you familiar with the story of the Feeding of the 5,000, found in Matthew 14:13-21? Here is the deeper meaning:

The Feeding of the Five Thousand

13. We take the matter to Spirit in prayer because we know in Spirit that we can master our emotions and sense gratifications. 14. The Christ in us understands our confusion and seeks to strengthen our bond with Spirit. 15. At the human level we may feel bound by circumstances that appear to offer nothing but lack and limitation, and so we may settle for sensory fulfillment instead of spiritual sustenance. 16. But the Jesus of us knows we need only to be fed by Spirit. 17. If our only discernment is through our five senses, oftentimes we will see a lack of resources or fail to see the value of the resources we have. 18. But Spirit sees only abundance. 19. When we trust Spirit and bless what we have, we will find we have sufficient resources at our disposal. 20. And when we do this, each of our twelve spiritual faculties will be so enriched that we become aware of an endless supply of Universal Substance. 21. And it is from this elevated perspective that all five of our physical senses will evolve into their higher spiritual essences.

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