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Will Write SciFi For Food

Length: 77 pages1 hour


A collection of Christian and non-Christian (but still clean!) short science fiction and fantasy stories (13 in total) from the author Tim Baer.

Psychic War: Amal was the *THE* expert in Stem Cell Research. Then he met a Messianic girl named Semira.

Legions in Darkness: Tye worked for a Christian television network--or so he thought.

Dragon Assistance League: Little Riikka wanted desperately to get one of her stories published. Something offered to help.

Tech Support: In the near future, a customer calls technical support about his robotic lawn appliance that is running amok.

nwoD edispU: A boy is found hanging upside down from a fence by his knees. Why?

Rest Area: Interstellar driver Fiawól stops off on a planet for a quick rest stop.

It Happened One Sunday: One of those UFO thingies crashes into the church's parking lot and the congregation reacts.

Touchdown: Mission Control as the probe finally lands on the very first extra-solar planet's surface.

Near the Meandering Way: Sparrow and Caterpillar discuss the Creator's words.

The Brief Explorations of Ya'akov Ben Aharon: Join Ya'akov as he explores the ancient relics of another race.

Bohuw: Evil comes up with a plan.

Bug Out: The bugs get even.

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