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The Valor Road

Length: 332 pages5 hours


Lauren O’Day and Lloyd Foster represent the oldest surviving students of Harrison Traditional School (HST). The school and the nearby town of Schonefield, Montana are unlucky enough to find themselves in a double cross scheme of an unidentified foreign bloc’s attempt to both ingratiate themselves to their new economic partner - The United States while eliminating those conservative elements in their own military that would stand in the way of the new world reality.

With a promised nuclear strike as their impetus, the enemy force that has for five- years been infiltrating into Canada suddenly attacks to capture the border town of Schonefield. An action that prompts retired Colonel George Morgan, HST’s headmaster, to make a snap decision involving the fate of both the faculty and the students of the school. With the faculty remaining behind to buy precious time, the school’s R.O.T.C. cadre is placed in charge of some one hundred students who plunge into the woods to try and reach a dilapidated logging road, and hopefully the lines of friendly forces.

Told primarily through the eyewitness accounts of Lauren and Lloyd, the novel nevertheless fills in the blanks of those who opted to stand, fight, and die for their beliefs. While major themes such as young love, self-sacrifice, and patriotic idealism certain play a large part in the story, Valor Road is also a coming-of-age story.

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