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The Urban Time Bomb

Length: 112 pages56 minutes


The UK is witnessing a significant rise in gang culture and the urban violence is spreading through our inner city streets at alarming rates. Post codes have become ‘red flags’ and our youth are becoming increasingly synonymous with bulls raging in a bid to defend their own territory. Our children, our teenagers (and oftentimes even younger kids) are caught up in an environment that remorselessly breeds societal depravity and decay. Our babies are having babies, drugs are readily available, promiscuity is commonplace, racial prejudice is still a part and parcel of today’s society and peer pressure is running amok in high schools all across the UK. Nothing shocks our children anymore and its getting worse by the day. Smouldering just under the surface of almost every inner city pavement in the UK is an urban time bomb just waiting to explode in our faces.

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