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Bani- Like A Prayer

Length: 63 pages48 minutes


In this, Mr. Carey-Infante's third novelette dealing with the very important issue of LGBTQ teen bullying, Bani Chamberlain once again finds herself in the precarious position of peacemaker. One day after her former bully's father went on a crime spree and attempted to flee the country, she is unexpectedly called into the principal's office. Her life is once again turned upside down before she has a chance to catch her breath. One of her classmates, a repeated victim of bullying, attempts suicide and reaches out to her for help. When she takes on this new challenge of making it better right now for one more person, she is thrown into the secretive world of ex-gay reparative therapy. Bani finds herself having to deal with two separate dilemmas: Can she stop the bullies at her school? And, Can she stop Ryan's parents from sending him to ex-gay prison camp—a certain death sentence for him?

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