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Anika and the Techno Pirates

Length: 205 pages2 hours


The Techno Festival has come to Hopplescotch Realm. Inventors and magicians from each of the different realms have all kinds of gadgetry and magic spells on show at the festival - more than you could ever imagine!
But there is mystery afoot!
Who is this Techno Wizard who always cloaks himself, and why does he have such a sinister appearance? Who are the Techno Pirates? Are they trying to ruin the Festival or are they trying to frame the Techno Wizard?
As usual in Hopplescotch Realm, things are not always what they seem. Join the kids on their fun adventure as they meet some weird and wonderful characters and unravel the mysteries.

Whilst Abby and the Hopplescotch Realm was a fun read, Julie Folkers' second novel, Anika and the Techno Pirates, is action-packed from cover to cover. Abby returns to the Hopplescotch realm to attend the Techno Festival, but this time it is not all fun and games. Trouble is afoot... Who is behind it? Could it be the Techno Pirates? Or is it the mysterious cloaked wizard? Julie Folkers has really outdone herself with this fantastic new novel. I thoroughly recommend this book.
-Jeremiah Rattray, aged 15

It is always a joy to see someone move steadily through the stages from writing student to published author. Julie Folkers is a big thinker. Why write one book when I can write a series? This must have been the question in her mind. Anika and the Techno Pirates is the result. That's quite a significant achievement.

-Brian Morris, Principal, New Zealand Institute of Business Studies.

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