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Length: 225 pages3 hours


In this sequel to 'Sunstone: The boy and the Dragon Princess', youthful dragons living under King Flamethrower Pendragon rebel against the old-fashioned values and standards of the dragon community. Their opportunity to escape from the conservative community and embrace so-called change comes when a dragon scientist invents a device that transforms dragons into humans. A number of dragons choose to take this option. The experiment works, but the transformation is not perfect. The new dragon-humans retain their yellow eyes as well as their prodigious strength and keen senses. They now live in a world inhabited by humans while retaining their ability to to see dragons that are invisible to human eyes. They call themselves, 'nagruels'.
Unknown to the nagruels, their leader, Mallig Thorndragon, has another agenda. His motive is not progressive change but the desire to acquire autocratic power. He begins building an army on the island of Metis where the nagruels are exiled. Mallig believes that only one thing prevents him from conquering and enslaving the humans and dragons on the neighboring island of Moight. That is possession of the sword, Dragonmorte.
Meanwhile, Will Button, Alpha's friend from the 'Sunstone' adventure, finds Dragonmorte. He discovers that the sword makes dragons visible to him and gives him the keen senses the dragons possess. When a nagruel kidnaps Princess Alpha Pendragon, transforms her into a nagruel and takes her to Mallig's stronghold on the island of Metis as a hostage, Will sets off to rescue her.
The journey is fraught with danger and excitement. Will discovers that he possesses powers previously unknown to him that are independent of those provided by Dragonmorte. He grows in confidence, courage and leadership skills as he battles to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Meanwhile, Alpha discovers that the social change desired by nagruels may be progressive as well as damaging, and is determined to discover the difference.
The time will come when Alpha must transform back into a dragon and return to the dragon community to take over leadership of the community from her father. But that is in the future.

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