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The Tellmenow Isitsöornot

Length: 553 pages7 hours


A bumper book of exactly 100 stories by a cult writer who has been highly praised by Michael Moorcock, Jeff VanderMeer, Michael Bishop, Brian Aldiss and many others. 'The Tellmenow Isitsöornot' was a nonexistent book of tall stories that Edgar Allan Poe invented as a joke in one of his tales; try saying it in an Irish accent and it should come out as "Tell me now, is it so or not?" and this gives a hint of the flavour of the tales presented here by Rhys Hughes, a selection that is not only tall but broad, featuring a large cast of odd characters in peculiar situations. Many of the stories in this whimsical collection have never been published before, or were published in very obscure small-press magazines with tiny print runs back in the 1990s. Ghosts, werewolves, talking brass heads, captured moons, mechanical men, alchemy, magic and transformation, all these and more rub shoulders in a minor Decameron of devilish delight!

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