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The Orange Forest Rabbit Mysteries by Lois June Wickstrom and Lucrecia Darling

Length: 170 pages2 hours


The Mystery of the Missing Meteor Field Carrots, An Orange Forest Rabbit tale

The Orange Forest Rabbit's Carrot business is off to a thriving start. First a blue fireball crashes into his favorite carrot field. Then his carrots and his customers start disappearing. And a spy from Lucky Dog Carrots is trying to steal the recipe for his maximally delicious carrot bread. Robes Pierre, his loyal puppy smells trouble. Will the Oruc in time to prevent further disasters?

The Mystery of the Haunted Amusement Park

Something or someone invisible is occupying seats on the rides at Carrot World. The Orange Forest Rabbit's niece Joey is lost in the maze. And a spy is taking pictures. It's all the beginning of another adventure for a carrot-powered rabbit looking for a profit.

Mystery of the Airwhale Art

The Orange Forest Rabbit, a most honest capitalist, is on his first adventure to Zargon to plant and sell carrots to airwhales. But he has spies who sneaked aboard his rocketship, and the carrots he is carrying make the airwhales sick. Plus he has insulted a great airwhale artist. How will he make a profit and keep his mischievous family out of trouble?

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