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The Marred Face of Heaven

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The final ten days of the war in heaven unleashed God’s stones of accusation upon the worlds surrounding Earth, as heaven’s edict of judgment destroyed the face of Mars and the Moon. Nothing was spared. Earth was plunged into a long period of chaotic night, waste and void, to await the broodings of the Spirit upon the deeps, for the opportunity of redemption to shape a refashioned cosmology. Robert Scott Finlay’s latest book, “The Marred Face of Heaven: Syncopathy of Evil”, explores not only the rise and fall of the first created age, when men and angels were stewards of the earth, and the recreated age, when mankind found itself under the probation of a blood covenant, but the prospect of redemption, when the universal realms will finally be released from the awful burden of iniquity’s curse. God’s purpose for man remains resolute and undaunted.

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