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I Love the Smell of Fascism in the Morning: The Bush/Cheney Legacy and Satire From 2004

Length: 146 pages1 hour


If a reader wonders why he or she should purchase this book when the writing is from 2004, there is a good reason: This is a collection of satire seized from me by the FBI at the behest of the Bush White House that year.

Why was I targeted? I write satire for those who can think for themselves, and in early 2004 I published a book ridiculing the Bush Administration, popular conservative politicians, and media pundits, and I hit a nerve because within days a federal investigation began into my life.

On September 23, 2004, the FBI raided my home, and confiscated my computers and all political writing, including hard copies stored in filing cabinets. The government also took my website offline that I used to promote my book and which showcased my day-to-day satire of news events, and that website was down for five months. When it came back online, only two pieces of political satire remained and both had to do with me satirizing 2004 Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry. The message to me could not have been any clearer: If you won’t shut up, we will shut you up.

This book contains my writing from 2004, in chronological order, which the United States government, at the behest of the Bush Administration, confiscated from my home and erased from my website. The majority of the satire is political in nature and will be deeply offensive to Republicans, conservatives and others who are biased, prejudiced and intolerant, but some of the satire takes the form of fake news stories that have been given my own wicked twist of humor.

From a Republican U.S. Senator outing himself at a fundraiser, to Barbara Bush being diagnosed with Mad Cow disease, to the "wardrobe malfunction" of the Super Bowl halftime show, to the first 7-11 store opening in China and the first customer robbing it, to the President being injured while riding his tricycle on his ranch, to Cheney's expletive in the U.S. Senate chambers being the new Bush campaign slogan, to a bank robber using the "Rumsfeld defense" to be praised and set free, to Attorney General John Ashcroft getting a sex change, to the endless message of fear and terror from Bush officials, see what those in power in 2004 wished to prevent YOU from being able to read.

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