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12 Short Christian Plays on The Fruits of the Spirit

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There is no better way to illustrate God's word than drama - real people facing real life challenges right before your eyes and hearts.
We use these short plays in the worship services, often just before the sermon. As scriptural illustrations, they gather up the congregation's attention before the sermon and focus it forward.
They can also act as catalysts to bring a theater group together, or to facilitate discussion, or just to have some meaningful fun. And since these dramas can generally be presented with two or three actors, and minimum sets, they're easy to put on.
Use them as templates, too. Drama ministries get artists involved, and artist’s creates new and interesting ways to present the Gospel. Let these plays encourage you to create your own short plays designed specifically to address issues important to your church.
If you purchase a copy for yourself and each cast member, each play may be presented at least three times within a year from the date you purchase cast member copies.
In this, the 5th volume of short plays, we center on the fruits of the Spirit - Galatians 5:22:
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance (Self-control): against such there is no law.
Here are brief descriptions of the plays:
Loving Who (Love)
When you show up and root for your kid at a basketball game, does that mean you love him? Maybe yes, Maybe no.
A Joy So Deep (joy)
Can joy exist in the darkest places - in the valley of the shadow? Can Jesus dwell within the terror? His is a joy so deep.
See How it All Works Out (joy)
The joy of giving is in the heart, not necessarily in the gift. As if the shock of giving too much.
Mums the Word (joy)
Joy takes great joy in her rare mums. She’s won prizes with them, but she also gets a lot of satisfaction working with them in her garden. But what might her joy be when they’re destroyed?
Peace Like a Hallway (peace)
We’re at an inner city high school and a student has been murdered. Many of the students know who did it, but they’re afraid they might be next if they say anything. Will peace ever return to these hallways?
I Want It Now (longsuffering - patience)
When you need an idea, don’t expect it to come from your guardian angel. He’ll keep you alive, but the rest is between you and God.
A Gentle Force (gentleness)
A young Christian woman from an abusive home has chosen to leave the church and the Lord and move in with a wealthy, worldly man. Meet the gentle force who comes to her aid.
Bully (gentleness)
Lumpy is a 15-year old terror. He’s a bully is every sense of the word. Tim, at 13, knows he’s no match for his physically, but maybe he can beat him spiritually. Or maybe “beat” isn’t the right word.
Good for Ramsey (goodness)
Ramsey Smith is in prison for armed robbery and assault. Although he’s from a Christian family, no one visits him until Sybil Towns, a young woman who just wants to do some good in the world, decides to. When the visit ends, neither leaves with what they expect.
The Faith of Toni Snow (faith)
Raised by a Christian aunt, Toni Snow takes it hard when she dies. But while she traverses the grief, she develops a relationship with her Lord and brings her to a small Amazon River dock, a dock where she waits, money running out, for the Lord to use her.
The Meek Executor (meekness)
Max looks up from his work to find his four older siblings ready to lynch him. Their father has just died and Max is the executor of his estate. A key provision of their dad’s trust will cost of them a $million dollars each. Will Max bend to the threats?
Marcie and Greg Take A Walk (Self-control)
Marcie and Greg have been going out for 6 months. They’re reached that place in their relationship when they’re mostly just trying to get to know one another. Marcie, however, wants more, will Greg risk everything to

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