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Simply Delicious

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As you’ll soon notice, the recipes in this cookbook do not call for a package of this or a box of that. I use whole, organic foods as much as possible which is where the low cost of the meals comes from. Most of the meals can be made ahead of time (on the weekends) and frozen or refrigerated then during the week all you need to do is warm them up and you’ve got a hot home cooked meal to serve even though you’re dog tired from working all day.
The recipes are measured to feed a family of five with enough leftovers for one or two people for the next day (unless someone was exceptionally hungry that day and had second or third helpings). Almost all of the ingredients used in these recipes are convertible to other ingredients based on your taste preference. My family is big on flavor and spice (hot) so you’ll notice there are a lot of spices added to each dish. Spices are ‘the spice of life’ without spices, food can be very bland. When you’re cooking with natural ingredients you need to add spice so the flavors of the food will pop. Packaged foods all come with what they call spices added but which are actually chemicals that taste like a certain spice.
If you have an ingredient use it, if you don’t have it, substitute it or just leave it out. Change up the recipes to suit what you have and your family’s tastes. You’ll be surprised with what you can come up with.

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