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Book of the Archangels Book 2

Length: 75 pages1 hour


The prophet of the Last Days is known on earth as Dallas Taylor, but in Heaven, he is known as the Care Taker. When Dallas was born, a trumpet was sounded in Heaven and that is when the Devil knew his time was short. All through the first book, he hunted for the prophet and, when he found him, he thought for sure it would be easy to kill him. My name is Stephael and I am an archangel and I have one job and that is to protect Dallas and his family. The Devil did not think that God would use an archangel to protect Dallas. Now that he knows, there is a battle for the prophet. What happens when the forces of good come against the forces of evil? What happens when the forces of evil try to harm the children of Dallas Taylor? Buckle your seat belts and hold on, because we are about to take off for a journey I hope you will never forget.

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