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The Ether World Chronicles: Beginnings

Length: 83 pages52 minutes


In the Ether worlds, humans, superhumans and demons coexist . . . but their relationship is a minefield waiting for one false step. Our world is but one in this network of worlds held together by an iridescent ocean called the Ether, where strange creatures hunt and deep mysteries lurk.

This is a trilogy of interlinked short stories introducing some of the characters in these worlds.

A MISSION FOR THE THALASSIANS: Pat and Ann look like typical teenage tourists, ones with absentee parents and too much money to spend. That’s why they are the perfect soldiers for a covert mission. Equipped with Pat’s strange ‘voodoo’ powers and Ann’s faulty telekinesis, they have to stop a bomb from exploding in the busiest part of Istanbul.

THE WRETCHED LIFE AND AFTERLIFE OF JAMIE PENFIELD: Paralyzed by a horrific accident that killed his driver, Jamie Penfield grows up angry and bitter . . . and telekinetic. He searches the Ether worlds for a cure for his paralysis, but discovers there may be a terrible price to pay.

THE DUEL: Beautiful Midnight is a child of the desert. Through the cartouches branded on her skin, she summons powerful demons to do her bidding. In the Third Demon Realm, she finally meets her match in the supremely gorgeous Jamie Penfield. Can she conquer his heart, or does he have an ulterior motive?

Total length: About 11,000 words.

Includes a free 8000 word excerpt of the full length novel, THE HUNT FOR THE CATALYST, Book One of THE ETHER WORLD CHRONICLES, a Young Adult Fantasy.

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