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Cynthia's Box

Length: 71 pages1 hour


Paul Caldwell, a successful architect who has returned to the university for a refresher course, is smitten by the vision of architect student Judith Parnell floating across the quad in front of the university library. She looks so pure, virtuous, and vulnerable that he determines to have and protect her—this despite his own promiscuous bisexual past. To win Judith, he has to woo her away from the architecture professor, Grace Stainer, who she is living with—and then try to keep her out of the clutches of clients after they marry and move to the California coast.

Refusing to see Judith as anywhere but atop the pedestal of purity and innocent vulnerability his mind has set her on, despite obvious signs to the contrary, Paul meets his greatest challenge. Paul’s own willingness to prostitute himself to career success leads him, through the aging movie star Gideon Draper, and Judith to being sucked into the hedonist world of his projected major California clients, the sexually predatory Cynthia and Thad Standall. Paul has career and marital decisions to make when he discovers that the Standalls not only are insatiable but also are not quite what they seem to be.

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