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How Can I Inspire my Painting Class? Lesson Plan Ideas for Oil Painting in Post Compulsory Education & an Essential Guide to Teaching

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This invaluable book for oil painting teachers opens up with the line: ‘The art teacher seldom knows the nature of the art group that is going to materialise on the first session of an oil painting course.’
With this inevitability, this book prepares the inexperienced art teacher for delivering a programme of study in oil painting. The first part provides comprehensive information on the oil paints themselves, including the associated materials, art techniques, colour theory and painting on a budget.
The latter part informs on the teaching side, as an eminent artist does not always make a good teacher. Learning theories are fully explained, which will help the teacher plan more effective lessons, prepare the learning environment and manage the class.
Unforeseen situations do often crop up, which means the teacher must take on many roles, including counsellor, negotiator and problem-solver. This book delves into ways to engage reluctant pupils, addressing learning needs and also ensuring every student is engaged in the art lessons.
Subsections inform on the various aspects of teaching oil painting, which are: guide to art materials, students’ needs, preparing to teach art, the initial lesson and lessons to underpin painting. Lesson plan ideas can then be found on colour use, art techniques, still life, landscape art, alfresco painting, figure painting, abstract art and further exploration. An end of course preparation and assessment, a glossary and health & safety guide is also included.
The teacher may mix up the lesson plan ideas or modify them as required to create a logical scheme of work that will fit a brief.
This book has 45,000 words and 90 images.
This book condenses my experience as an oil painter and teacher. Briefly, I have BA Hons degree in Fine Art from Kingston University, Surrey, and a PCET teaching qualification from Warwick University, Warwickshire.

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