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Consumer Credit- The Poisoned Chalice

Length: 106 pages1 hour



In Consumer Credit - the Poisoned Chalice, the author attempts to shed a biblical light on consumer credit and the current global financial crisis. Consumer credit is still being repackaged by creditors almost on a daily basis to unleash untold misery on the world’s credit hungry millions despite its globally publicised notoriety.

In this book, the author uses a set of socio-economic information to reveal the subtle, insidious, yet emotional and psychological realities behind the power of consumer credit advertising. He further outlines the global and eternal implications of the consumer credit (and debt) plight from an objective standpoint. The victims of today’s global debt crisis, now widely known as the ‘global credit crunch’, come from all walks of life, since consumer debt knows neither barrier nor class. He reiterates the fact that debt is no respecter of persons and the menacing jaws of debts have neither conscience nor compassion.

The author’s core message is a heartfelt plea, to Christians in particular, to earnestly strive to focus on trimming their household expenditure, remaining ardent financiers of the gospel, developing the habit for godly and professionally recommended investments, and of course being diligent doers of the Word of God.

Chapters 1 to 5 deal with historical and current information on consumer credit. Chapters 6 to 9 have been written to highlight some direct and indirect adverse impacts of the consumer credit situation in the United Kingdom (UK) and United Sates (US) in particular. The rest of the book focuses on diagnosis, cure, lasting solution, and liberation from what the author describes as the twenty-first century socio-economic cancer and prison without bars – consumer debt.

If you are in debt, a debt counsellor or have an academic interest in the subject, then this is a must-read book for you.

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