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The Second American Depression: A Journal

Length: 36 pages36 minutes


This short novel looks examines the first days of the Second American Depression as seen through the journal of someone who lived through it.

This depression is sparked by a widespread series of terrorist attacks which take place sometime in the decade of the 2010's. The disruptions, particularly to the electric grid are almost immediate. But even though there is relatively little physical damage, the fact that the power grid is working at almost 100% efficiency means that there is little margin for error. A series of cascading failures almost immediately plunge the country into darkness and deprive it of most of its communications and industrial infrastructure.

This is the journal of someone who lived through those early days. He's a lawyer and a ham radio operator, so he has unique insights not only into the technological issues, but also the legal issues that ensue.

The country survives, and even thrives, as evidenced by a preface that he writes years later. Things even get back to normal. But it's a new normal.

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