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Looking for your Soul Mate or Twin Flame? This amazing book will show you where to find that elusive being! Why you need to find your own Twin Flame. Who they are likely to be and what hidden unconscious forces are stopping you from meeting them! And how to overcome these blocks to finding the perfect part. This book contains many exercises, meditations, quizzes and notes to help & inspire You on your journey to discovering your perfect partner and true love.

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Perfect Partner - The Abbotts

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Chapter One - You Deserve a Perfect Partner!

Dear Friend,

Relationships in the 21st Century are vastly different to those of earlier generations. Many people are spiritually awakening to the realization that our spiritual and psychic natures should not be kept exclusively, for a few hours on a Sunday or Saturday, at Church or Temple. Our spirituality should encompass our entire life, if we are truly to believe that we are higher spiritual beings. How then does the spiritual person, deal with romance, love and sexual relationships? Surely, there must be a higher way of dealing with these complicated and emotional issues, that we all face everyday in life! That is what this book is all about - offering you insights, short exercises, tips, hints and commonsense ways of dealing with these everyday situations in a spiritual manner.

Many of these suggestions have been given to us, The Abbotts, Tony Abbott and Robyn Abbott, in channellings from the Ascended Masters, enlightened beings who care for our spiritual and physical welfare. Other ideas have been added by us. We have worked as spiritual counsellors, hypnotherapists, healers, writers and lecturers for many years and we have personally tested these exercises and tips - they are not just theory, but if practiced, truly work!

We have found our Twin Flames our Perfect Partners and we want to share this knowledge with you!


Your Teachers

Robyn Abbott is a well - known clairvoyant and channeller who is a trained hypnotherapist, social welfare worker and has been an ordained Spiritualist Minister. She is the author of over 50 books concerning spirituality and self-development.

Tony Abbott is a Spiritual Writer, Hypnotherapist, Healer, Clairvoyant and Life Coach / Teacher who has conducted Spiritual Development Groups for both beginners and advanced students of the paranormal, over many years. He felt there was a need for a special book that an individual, could follow at his / her own pace, to encourage their search for their own Perfect Partner, increase their spiritual and psychic skills, teach them about Spiritual matters on an easily understandable level and also be lots of FUN!

First of all, just a brief explanation of some common terms used in this book.

Glossary of Terms

Ascended Master - A human who has achieved divinity and is available for help and guidance.

Auras - The energy field that glows and pulses around you.

Chakras - Energy centres in your spiritual body (Lightbody) that affect your health and when cleared may help you to spiritually grow.

Channelling - A spiritual skill whereby you psychically allow a spirit to speak through you.

Incarnation / Reincarnation - Reincarnation is the process by which a soul enters many different bodies, in many diverse time frames, in order to experience life through many differing situations and grow spiritually.

Karmic Connection - Someone you have known and interacted with in past lives. You owe each other positive karma.

Kindred Spirit - A partner with similar beliefs.

Life Plan - Your personal blueprint for this incarnation that contains plans to develop your skills and spirituality.

Past Lifetime - A lifetime before this current incarnation, when your divine spirit inhabited another body.

Soul Mate - A very compatible partner who is usually complementary to your own skills. You may have several.

Spirit Guides - Spiritual Guardians who watch over you and may contact you, throughout your lifetime.

Twin Flame - The perfect spiritual, emotional, mental and physical partner for you. They are often similar to you on all levels and help you to achieve your full potential in all aspects of your life. You only have one!

World Plan - A larger plan for helping humanity and the planet and ideally aided by your Twin Flame or a Soul Mate partner.

What are Twin Souls?

Twin Souls are the other half of you that remains in the higher spiritual realms, guiding and caring for you while you incarnate on Earth. If you were both to incarnate together and find each other your power would be immense and you would be distracted from your life lessons here on Earth. Their compatibility with you is 100%.

What are Twin Flames?

Your Twin Flame is a very special person who has voluntarily incarnated to Earth at this time to be your true partner. They will love you, guide you, support your dreams and aspirations, help you to develop your skills and abilities and love you unconditionally. You will do the same for them. A Twin Flame partnership is based on love, respect, equality and trust. There is always a deep spiritual connection and a strong urge to unite your talents and work for the betterment of society, the planet and increase your own spiritual natures. You have only one Twin Flame. If you were to give them a percentage they would be 90 % plus compatible.

What are Soul Mates?

A Soul Mate is a very compatible partner who is usually complementary to your own nature. You may have several in one lifetime. You may have incarnated with them in several past lives and have many issues to still work out with them. You find them initially very attractive, fall deeply in love but in time usually repulsion sets in and a feeling that, They are not the true one for you! If you were to give them a percentage they would be 50 % compatible.

What are Karmic Connections?

Karmic Connections are people whom you have known and interacted with in past lives. You may have been loving partners for a short time or just friends. You owe each other