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Length: 382 pages3 hours


Exponential will fuel the paranoia surrounding today’s personal privacy issues. Caught in a cat and mouse contest of exploitation versus murder, the main character of the story, Mara Chandler, frantically tries to outwit a vague enemy with vast political and economic power.

After her brother mysteriously vanishes, she unravels the dark secrets that are critical to the success of her faceless enemy. When her mother is caught in the middle of the conflict and loses her own life, Mara realizes that she must overcome her despair and fight back or she will be next.

Deception leads to desperation as she realizes the enemy will stop at nothing to stop her. Trusting no one, she knows that she alone must discover the secret behind the enemy’s power and expose their flagrant corruption before they can catch her.

Bewildered by a final act of ultimate betrayal, she is surprised to find out who she can trust. If she succeeds, her discoveries will leave the world reeling in controversy.

No matter your personal interest – technology, contentious disagreement over today’s issues or just good old fashioned murder and deceit, Exponential will seize the reader’s fascination by it’s combination of delightfully tense and surprising elements.

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