Series Introduction:
The beginning of all Sins starts with a moment. A long time ago, Sin, who was quite human then, had just such a moment. Now, as something not quite human and not quite something else, he must face up to the realities of his past in his every present struggle against the underbelly of Satan's worst.

Hell's Gate Description (The Sin Series #1):
In Hell's Gate, we follow Sin and Oddity on their quest to close down a portal to the netherworld that has been opened by demons desiring access to the world they consider their food. Normally, closing a gate should be an easy struggle, but with his blades Nip and Tuck a little out of control and the worst the demons can throw at him on its way, he won't have an easy time of it.

- Violent fiction.
- Humor/Dark Fantasy Genre.
- "Bloody Mary".
- Long running series.


Soul Shards Description (The Sin Series #2):
Soul Shards takes us a little further into the mysterious past as one of Sin's 'soul shards' is released into the world. This shard, taking the form of a hell dog, is bent on the destruction of anything it meets. Unfortunately for Sin, The Church of Forgotten Sins is also after the shard and send their toughest priest out to ensure that it happens. With the church to avoid and the shard to find, Sin's in for the toughest fight of his life.

- Hell dog.
- Warrior priest.
- Mad priest.
- Bloodied victims.
- Humor.

1. If you would like to buy them inside a collection of works, you might want to check out Sin: The Collection (4 stories total.)

2. This is an ongoing series with over 8 stories at this point - and more on the way. Please don't forget to check back for more soon!

3. This is a short story. Total words are 2600, which is about 27 standard book pages.

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