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Morgue for Whores

Length: 175 pages2 hours


Jim Berends is a help desk guy living in Brooklyn with a shaky past, few friends and a taste for drink. You might say he's in a bit of a rut.

One morning he awakens from a bender to find two naked people in his bedroom. He has no idea how they got there, nor who murdered them.

Jim doesn't think the police will be sympathetic, so he calls an old friend for help, a lawyer with a way of handling difficulties. The bodies disappear, and Jim tries to forget it.

Then another corpse turns up in Jim's apartment. Then another.

Jim's a little slow on the uptake, but it finally dawns on him that someone might be trying to set him up.

Fortunately Jim has professional help. No, not the lawyer -- his shrink, Serena. At first she's more inclined to have him arrested. But she happens to be an fan of mysteries, and she wants to see how this one comes out.

Together they unspool a conspiracy involving drug-addled hipsters, real estate deals gone murderously wrong, Zipcar, and Vincent Gallo (or at least someone who really looks like him).

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