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Length: 91 pages1 hour


The (fictitious) quiet town of Udaddle, North Carolina is situated in the hills just 15 miles North of Western Mountains, NC. When Mystic, Penny and Zion were young, the population was approximately 135 people. It is in this sleepy little town where two ten year olds, Mystic and Punkin found the buried treasure of a lifetime. Zion Box entered into their lives and all hell broke loose. As the three of them grew into adulthood, this hidden treasure and the mystical powers that Mystic already had, would forever change their lives and the city of Udaddle, North Carolina.

The gift of the occult along with this buried treasure set the course of these three lives on two different paths. For two of them, this turn of events would bring tremedous wealth and untold misfortune. For the other the adventure would be simplier and happier, but their dramatic end will be the same.

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