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Length: 173 pages2 hours


The war with the Hathen Empire rages on and they pick slowly away at our borders. We are losing ships faster than we can build them nowadays; we need something to turn the tide of this war. At the back of our territory the Confederacy hides a secret anomaly that could hold the knowledge to end this war. The problem is that it belongs to someone else! They have now made themselves known to us and they have threatened the entire galaxy with annihilation. With the deadline day fast approaching a recall is sent for a ship and its crew to take the lead role in assessing this new threat but something far greater is about to be uncovered...

...I am Jonesia, captain of the gunship Spartacus, and I will tell you my story. I will tell you the story of where I had to lead my crew, seemingly into god’s very sanctum. I find my true purpose and my own fate but the most important thing that I can tell you is that this is the story of truth! This truth will change every races outlook in our universe about how and why we are here. I lost friends through this story but they will not die in vain. I implore you to listen to this story they helped me to complete. The truth is out there and I have found it!

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