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The Cartographer's Daughter

Length: 347 pages3 hours


In 1432 Portugal, Lianna Reinel lives with her aunt and uncle in a secret enclave of magical beings called Cartos.

The last of their kind, long ago the Cartos race held dominion over the earth and could rewrite it with their maps. A Cartos-caused cataclysm ended their reign and their use of magic.

Lianna's forbidden love and an engagement forced upon her by her uncle,leads to her lover's banishment on a dangerous voyage to the actual ends of the earth.Forced to choose between love or obedience, Lianna awakens old magic and its consequences: the destruction of everything she knows.

And lost love.

“Romance, adventure, a courageous heroine—and one of the coolest fantasy concepts you’ll ever see. The Cartographer's Daughter is an epic tale of a young woman with the power to destroy or create, simply by redrawing the map of the world. Lianna’s story will sweep you away to a world you’ve never experienced before—and one that might disappear before your very eyes.”

Robin Brande, Author of Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature; Fat Cat; Doggirl; and The Parallel series.

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