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Trouble in 3-D

Length: 219 pages3 hours


Clay Daniels, oldest of the Daniel brothers and “Boss-man” of the 3-D Ranch in Dayton, Nevada is as hard-working and serious as they come, and dead-set against having a female wrangler on the ranch because his mother died as the result of a ranching accident. So, when he learns his younger brother Zack hired LeeAnn Campbell—a fiery, red-haired, ex-casino card dealer who insists work can be fun—as a full-time ranchhand, Clay almost has a heart attack.

LeeAnn, who yearns to return to the kind of ranch life she enjoyed in Montana, can hardly believe she has her dream job on the 3-D Ranch. But it means working for straight-laced Clay, who disapproves of everything about her. Before Clay can find a good reason to fire LeeAnn, however, her two sisters arrive for a visit—three, beautiful, look-alike triplets. Heaven help Clay and the 3-D Ranch!

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