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Mine Forever

Length: 68 pages1 hour


“Call me Sir.” He slapped her upturned backside several times with the leather flogger he held in his hand.
“Kiss my ass,” Arkie yelled at him. She was naked, tied up, with her hands over her head. The clamps on her nipples were painful yet she didn’t want them removed. It was a good pain that shot down into her stomach and made her cunt wet with the need to be filled.
He shook his head and spanked her ass hard. “Oh I will do that Arkie but only when you obey me.”
“I do what I like and answer to no man.” She looked up, her eyes following the rope that was connected to a sturdy looking winch attached to the ceiling. Her body was strained and her arms ached yet Arkie licked her lips in anticipation of what was to come. Not many men had a full-on domination room in their basement. But then this man was not someone she would class an ordinary man. There was something powerful and sexy about his needs. He made no apology for them. He liked to tie up and toy with women until they came. Arkie lived a similar existence. She loved men and sex and she wasn’t about to hide her needs behind what society considered acceptable. Arkie shifted her knees to take the pressure off them. Kneeling on the hard concrete hurt like hell. But it was worth it. She enjoyed the thrill of rough, dominating sex. There was something so hot about not being able to have any say in what was happening to her body. She was being made to submit. And I like it. Arkie pushed her ass out enticing him to take it.
“You know one day I will break you and you will answer only to me and live to serve my needs.”

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