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Maid For Death

Length: 55 pages50 minutes


Cassandra Kent moaned as she gripped the back of the sofa and pushed her butt back against the man whose dick was hard and tight between the cheeks of her ass. She knew there was nothing like the feeling of a hard dick inside her. All Cassandra wanted now was to come.
“Harder...faster...” she panted as the man’s hands sensuously massaged the swollen mounds of her naked breasts, tugging on her nipples, as he ground in and out of her body. She heard him laugh loudly at her request. His hands gripped her hips firmly as he forcefully slammed his groin up against the plump flesh of her ass, forcing the shaft of his dick deeper inside her. The sound of his balls slapping up against her backside competed with her shrieks of pleasure. “Oh God, yes...” she moaned, knowing she was going to explode soon.
Ten minutes ago Cassandra had knocked on the door to hotel room 52, planning to clean the room as fast as possible so she could get ready to meet up with friends at a planned Halloween party. But that was before she had let herself into room 52 and cannoned into hard muscle and warm male flesh. As Cassandra’s hands had roamed that flesh in an attempt to steady herself she had looked up and blinked in surprise as her gaze was caught and held by the most dazzling green eyes she had ever seen. Mesmerizing was the first word that came to her. Hot, fast instant attraction grabbed at her. And when he had suddenly smiled down at her in such a sexy yet arrogant way, Cassandra had the sudden overwhelming impulse to give him whatever he wanted. There was something about this man that demanded hot, sweaty action.
“I want to fuck you,” the man had said. Just like that. His hands had grabbed her ass and pulled up against his already erect dick.
“I shouldn’t...” Yet Cassandra had known she would. The man compelled her to be crazy in one lustful look. She was instantly wet with wanting. Whatever ideas she had of Halloween parties or room cleaning had disappeared in that one hot look from him and the feel of the dick against her stomach. It seemed a shame not to take advantage of that...
“My dear, you know you have no choice. I have to and will fuck you,” he had told her as he ripped off the blouse and bra from her body, his mouth sucking on her breasts as he yanked her panties down.

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