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Touch Healing: A Healer's Guide to Working with Cancer

Length: 89 pages1 hour


Starting with story of his daughter's triumph over terminal leukemia, Rev. Parker explores the skills he has developed over the past 30 years working with cancer patients and their medical doctors - work he calls Touch Healing.

Bringing a unique perspective, Rev. Parker's insights blend the ancient healing arts together with modern quantum mechanics.

"Everything that comes into existence starts as an energy form, which is therefore similar to DNA. DNA presents a pattern that, when filled, will manifest as something in the physical world — a plant, an animal, or a person. If you alter the DNA or its pattern, it will manifest physically as something else. Similarly, energy patterns are the matrices on which matter is formed. The matter may take the form of healthy tissue, disease, an idea, or — on a global level — an event. The thought-form of the pattern holds the pattern together, determining what the pattern wants to become.
Energy creates a chemical action, which creates a biological function. Change the energy, and you change the function. Change the pattern, and you change how it will manifest."

"Not long after my daughter got well, my mother came down with ovarian cancer. I applied everything I had learned from working with my daughter to my mother while she went through nine months of chemotherapy. When the chemotherapy treatments were over, the doctor no longer believed that my mother had ovarian cancer. If it was ovarian cancer, her abdomen should have been full of fluid, but it wasn’t — and the fluid that had been in her lungs was gone. So, the doctor now believed that her whole body was full of cancer. He wanted to do exploratory surgery to remove as much cancer as he could, extending her life. He said that, if he found there was too much cancer, he would just sew her back up.
I was in the waiting room when the doctor came out of surgery. Walking down the hall at a brisk pace, he said in a very loud voice, “This is not a cure. This is not a cure. There is cancer in her body somewhere but we cannot find it.” He sounded angry. All he had found were two shriveled ovaries, which he had cut out.
For those of you who choose working with cancer as a profession, I wish you the best of luck. It has been well worth it for me, my daughter, and my mother."

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