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Her Best Friend's Dad 5

Length: 77 pages1 hour


As much as it stresses her out, getting people to accept her romantic relationship with her best friend's dad Sam is the least of Sara's worries. She's failing college algebra and the pressure is about to make her explode. When her roommate Juliet discovers that Professor Barton is grading Sara's tests all wrong, Sara marches into his office to confront him. Professor Alexander Barton confesses he's been watching her and he's convinced she's not putting enough effort into her studies to warrant the grades she thinks she deserves.

Sam takes Sara out to dinner to get her mind off her academic troubles, but when Professor Barton and his beautiful young wife Brenda walk into the restaurant, it's all Sara can do to control her anger. When the Bartons ask if they can join them for dinner, Sara soon learns her professor has a naughty, secret agenda and if she and Sam are willing to take the bait Alex and Brenda dangle in front of her, she might just be able to swing an A+ in his class after all.

Before they were Swingers, Sam and Sara were just an ordinary, if not unconventional couple, but once you've gone swinging there's no turning back. Join Rachel Boleyn and Sweet Nothings for another red hot installment in the taboo erotica series, Her Best Friend's Dad. Erotic fiction is so naughty, it'll make your eReader blush!

Also includes excerpts of Her Best Friend's Dad 3 and Swingers: Gang Bang the Bride by Rachel Boleyn and Fresh Teen Sluts: Amanda's New Neighbor and Daddy's Little Virgin by Kelly Haven.

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