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The Fishers

Length: 15 pages11 minutes


This short story is the prologue to my novel "The Dark Trek Home".

A father and son out fishing.

Quality time from the first cast, the morning is perfect...for awhile. Chaos ripples across the pond and the two find themselves fleeing for their lives.

Nothing makes sense.

What is after them? What do they want? Most disturbing of all: why do they want them?

Bonus content: chapter one of my coming of age horror novel "Fall Leaves and the Black Dragon"


“You’ll get him next time, son!” his father assured him. “Probably need to put another worm on now.”

Dave kept reeling his line then stopped when the bobber was nearly to the shore.

“Hey look dad, a turtle!” Dave was pointing out toward the center of the pond.

Greg squinted through the bright sunlight reflecting off the water out to where his son was pointing. A small, dark curve was floating on the water. “Yep I think you’re right!”

“Can we catch it, dad?”

“Now that wouldn’t be very fa-” Greg’s eyes widened in confusion and caused Dave to reevaluate what he thought was a turtle. It rose further out of the water.

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